Editing and Proofreading
I edit and proofread theses, Dissertations, CVs, job applications and all types of written work for postgraduate students, trainees and professionals, especially international students and people with dyslexia.

Why choose me? For a reliable, personal service. There are many companies providing editing services, with grand, attractive claims such as: "all our editors are Oxford professors", but often they will make you fill out a standard form and pay upfront when you have no idea who is actually doing the work. I will discuss your needs with you carefully before you commit to anything, and consult with you at every stage. You don't need a professor for a quality edit; just a good writer. I have a degree from Durham University and a postgraduate diploma from Cardiff University's school of journalism, widely regarded as one of the best in the UK. Choose me as your editor and you'll be getting a trusted professional relationship with an experienced writer rather than a faceless brand name. 

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