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I write for national and trade press about everything from social policy to 90s pop. Some clippings from the last five years:

 Health/Dyspraxia/Specific Learning Differences  

  • Where's The Benefit? (Mental Health Today) The introduction of universal credit is causing much concern among mental health service users, but are their fears justified?
  • Dyspraxia Can Be Serious: It Needs More Recognition (The Guardian) Dyspraxia is poorly understood compared to its better-known cousins, dyslexia, ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome 
  • Talk It Out (Learning Disability Today) Specific Language Impairments affect a person's ability to understand language, but can be easily missed  
  • Dyspraxia: A Hidden Problem (Learning Disability Today) Dyspraxia can have a profound impact on a person's life but often goes undiagnosed for many years
  • Struggle to Gain Acceptance (The Daily Telegraph) Learner drivers with conditions such as dyspraxia can find it even more challenging than most to get their licence 
  • I'm Dyspraxic, Not Useless (The Guardian) During the debates over what jobs people should be doing, the obvious factor of innate aptitude seems to be being forgotten
  • When Hard Work Is Not Enough (The Times) At university the burden of organising study falls on the students not the teachers. This is a massive challenge if you have some learning difficulties (NB: they incorrectly bylined me as a student: I wasn't - the piece was written for students)
Arts, History and Pop Culture


I regularly write features for Covered Magazine, the consumer magazine produced by 

  • Part of the shortlisting panel for the IdeasTap Columnist brief 
  • Quoted in Glamour magazine feature, February 2013, on the rise of student sexism, written by Observer journalist Elizabeth Day
  •  My 9/11 memory was chosen for a reader vox pop 'Where Were You on 9/11?' as part of the Guardian's 10-year commemoration   
  • Facebook And Loneliness My contribution to a Guardian Reader's Panel on whether Facebook and Twitter are making us more isolated 
  • Shortlisted for Stylist magazine's Cultural Critic Competition 2011